Return Policy

1. Abyssian online shopping consumers can enjoy the seven-day appreciation period from the next day in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law. However, the appreciation period is not a trial period. Please note that the items you return must be in brand new condition and remain fully packaged (including the product body, accessories, gifts, warranties, original packaging, invoices and all of the accompanying documents or materials). If there are any missing documents or missing accessories, damage to the original factory box or after the seven-day appreciation period, you will not be able to return the product. Note:the appreciation period policy does not include any salon buyer, dealers, distributors or partnerships.

2. If the goods you purchase are prone to corruption, or with short shelf life, and customized products, according to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, you will not be entitled to the seven-day hesitation period after receiving the goods and may not return the goods. 

3. If you are purchasing audio/video products, computer software or personal hygiene products that cannot be returned to the original state after unpacking, please do not unpack them until you are
sure to return them. The 7 day appreciation period does not apply once you unpack the product. 

4. When returning the merchandise, please use the outer packaging (carton or bag) used by the company to deliver the merchandise to you and deliver it to the delivery company for pick up; If the outer packaging (carton or bag) has been lost, please use another box/bag to pack the factory box. Please do not write nor paste the delivery sheet directly on the original factory box. 

5. The original factory box and packaging are all parts of the merchandise. If they are lost, damaged or missing, it may affect the rights of your return. 

6. If you receive the new products that are defective, damaged, inconsistent or missing parts, please contact us within seven days after receiving the goods, and we will return or exchange as soon as possible. 

7. We will evaluate your request for a return on the day we receive the application and delivery company to contact you by phone within 5 working days to pick up the returned goods. Please prepare the original goods and all the packaging and accessories for the delivery. (The delivery company is only responsible for the receipt, and the returned goods will still be opened after being shipped to the company), the delivery company will provide a receipt for you after picking up the item, please pay attention to keep it. 

8. If you wish to return or exchange, and the company cannot accept all or part of your order, please allow Flymi to process the invoice or debit note on your behalf in order to facilitate the return of the merchandise for you. 

9. Ways to return and exchange: call Flymi on regular working days. Monday – Friday from 9 AM-6 PM at 02-2697-2020, or via LINE ID: @flymi