Abyssinian oil


At Abyssian, plants are at the centre of all things important: from the communities growing, harvesting and extracting them sustainably, to our formulas in which they are the heart and soul. The expertise of the laboratories we work with helped to craft products as beautiful on the inside than on the outside.


​After discovering the precious benefits of the Abyssinian seed extract, a pure oil used by African women for centuries, our botanical experts have strived to research the best extracts to combine it with and answer our customers’ main hair concern: healthy and beautiful hair.

While we aim at producing the most natural products possible, we also have to select some ingredients for the efficacy or the protection they bring to the formulation. We, however, assess each one and challenge it towards the Environment Working Group’s database to ensure absolute safety. Our 8-free chart also guarantees full transparency on what you are buying by checking the icons for every product.

Abyssinian oil


-helps to reduce hair breakage by up to 93%-

-more than 4.4 fold of the initial shine-

-reduction of the necessary force of 98 %-

Unique INGREDIENT Properties

In our formulations


Abyssinian oil partly owes its haircare benefits to its uncommon fatty acid profile with a content of over 60% of C22 Erucic acid, a very-long-chain fatty acid, and high contents of Omega-9 (Oleic) and Omega-6 (Linoleic) fatty acids. It also holds high contents of tocopherols (vitamin E), and phytosterols which help with antioxidative stress as well as promote cell renewal.

The essential fatty acids contained in the oil comprise a greater proportion of the lipid layer and contribute to hair's elasticity and aid ceramides in keeping the cuticle scales attached to the hair shaft. C22, in particular, can loosen up lipid membranes and make them more fluid and elastic, increasing both the hair’s resistance and its softness.

When used on the scalp, it facilitates the flowing off of natural surface fats of the skin, also helping it to balance the production of sebum. Abyssinian oil is also known to strengthen the natural barrier function of the skin and reduce trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) by leaving a thin protective film.


Origin: North Africa

​Benefits for hair: fights hyper seborrhea, dandruff and itchiness, helps to improve hair texture, moisture and strength.


Origin: Africa

Benefits for hair: enhances growth and helps to reduce loss, penetrating oil with polar triglycerides for optimum cell absorption of amino acids.


Origin: South Africa

​Benefits for hair: coating oil, helps to keep the moisture locked, antifungal properties and promotes hair thickness and strength


Origin: North Africa

​Benefits for hair: reinforces hair structure and provides natural UV protection, anti-bacterial properties.


Origin: West Africa

​Benefits for hair: softens and nourishes damaged hair, soothes an itchy scalp.


Origin: Asia

​Benefits for hair: reduces hair breakage and forms a protective barrier on the hair to prevent moisture loss. Silk can hold up to 10,000 times its own weight of water.


Origin: Mediterrean, Europe

​Benefits for hair: nourishes and conditions the hair, helps to promote new hair growth both in terms of length and the volume of hair.


Origin: North Africa

​Benefits for hair: soothes the scalp and with anti-inflammatory properties, preserves light colour hair and protects against environmental pollution damage.


Origin: Mediterranean, North Africa

​Benefits for hair: good for curly, frizzy and damaged hair, penetrates the hair shaft and rebalances the hair's elasticity and ability to hold moisture.


Origin: Mediterranean, Europe

​Benefits for hair: adds volume, helps retain moisture, reduces the porosity of the shafts and improves smoothness.


Origin: North Africa, Central Asia

Benefits for hair: scalp stimulant with antibacterial and sebum-regulating properties. 30 roses in each drop of essential oil.


Origin: Sub-Saharan Africa

Benefits for hair: regenerates and repairs damaged hair, penetrates the hair shaft, makes detangling easier while soothing and healing itchy, irritated scalp.


Origin: North Africa

Benefits for hair: makes hair glossy, conditions hair deeply, repairs damaged hair and protects your hair from being damaged in the sun.


Origin: South Africa, Uganda, South America

Benefits for hair: high omega-3 content helping hair regeneration, stimulates hair growth and helps to lock in the natural moisture of the hair.