1. 感謝您購買本公司產品,為保障客戶使用權益及提供優質的服務品質,請務必詳閱使用說明書,電器類商品主機本體在正常使用下,如遇故障時即享有自購買日期一年( 保固起始日以發票購買日加七日為起始日)之內免費維修服務。主機本體以外的任何配件,凡屬於消耗品或耗材等,恕無法提供保固。保固期內下列因素導致故障時,維修需收取維修費,敬請見諒。

  • 保固卡上未填寫購買日期及經銷商未蓋章與未貼產品序號、保固卡遺失時。
  • 明顯未依使用手冊所提及的操作注意事項,而導致機器故障時。
  • 因人為疏失、自行拆卸、使用不當導致損壞,造成損壞者。
  • 碰摔、使用疏忽;或因不正常的測試、自行維修換裝零件與外殼所造成故障。
  • 因天災或與不可抗拒之外力而造成損壞者。
  • 連接不適用之配件或不符合產品所需之電壓等操作所引起的故障

Any electrical product purchased in the store and under normal use, in case of malfunction, you will have free maintenance service within one year from the date of purchase. There may be an additional charge of the supply fee if damages are caused by the following factors: 

  • The warranty card does not have the purchase date, the retailer’s stamp, the serial number, and the warranty card is missing. 

  • Not following the operating precautions mentioned in the manual, resulting in a product malfunction. 

  • Damage caused by human error, disassemble, or improper usage. 

  • Malfunction due to dropping and disassembling. 

  • Damage caused by natural disasters or inevasible forces. 

  • Connection of improper accessories, or voltage.  

2. 七日鑑賞期內產品若有非人為損壞,將由本公司負擔收送運費(收送地址僅限於台灣本島不含外島),若超過七日鑑賞期,維修所產生的運費將全額由消費者負擔。

From the date of delivery, the electrical products will have a one-year warranty. If the product has non-human factor damage during the seven-day appreciation period, the company will bear the full freight. If it exceeds the seven-day appreciation period, the freight will be fully borne by the consumers.  

3. 產品於保固期間內送修,如無法維修或是停產,將更換原設備或同等級之良品。

Electrical products are repaired during the warranty period. If they cannot be repaired or they are discontinued, the original product or the same grade will be replaced.  

4. 產品於保固期內維修,並不構成保固期的延長或保固期的重新開始。

The maintenance of electrical products during the warranty period does not constitute an extension of the warranty period or a renewal of the warranty period.  

5. 為確保您的權益,購買產品一年內,務必保存此卡,若遺失無從補發。

In order to obtain your rights, you must keep your warranty card within one year of purchase of your electrical products. If you lose it, you will not be able to reissue it. 

6. 該產品於保固期滿後,若有因零件短缺、停產、終止代理等因素,將無法提供付費維修服務。

Maintenance services will not be provided, after the warranty period, if there are factors such as shortage of parts, suspension of production, termination of the agency, etc 

7. 電器產品保固卡的保固條件若與本網站公告內容不符時,請參照產品保固卡內容為準。

If the warranty conditions of the electrical products on this site do not match the warranty card, please refer to the product warranty card.